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From the land of green valleys and blue hills where mighty river Brahmaputra and its tributaries lay the foundation for identity of 30+ million people of Assam, we are the global forum for unified voice of Assam and Assamese in our struggle to save our language, culture and ethnic identity. This small, yet culturally rich state has been going through enormous pain since independence to maintain her unique identity, heritage, culture and above all her language, our mother tongue Assamese. Her ethnic struggle started long before independence of India and became an intense agitation in the post-independence era. The seventh amendment of Indian Constitution (State Reorganization Act of 1956) reformed the boundaries of Indian states and territories on linguistic lines. But today Assam is on the verge of becoming a linguistic minority. This is the time for every Assamese to rise to the occasion to restore this beautiful state to its previous glory and save the community from extinction. This forum is the platform for all the indigenous people of Assam to stand up and save our motherland.


Our vision is to connect every Assamese around the globe and develop a digital effort to build a stronger Assam –

  • Promote ideas and thoughts for upliftment of the people of Assam
  • Bring awareness of the ethnic struggle and pain of this small community in front of the world
  • Help save the Assamese language and ethnic identity of the indigenous people of Assam



Our mission is to protect Assam from the ill effects of latest Citizenship Amendment Act of 2019 and ensure implementation of Assam Accord of 1985. This digital mission is a small contribution to aid the cause of the indigenous people of Assam in their fight to preserve their identity. The website aims to collect and unify various artifacts which are currently scattered in various places so that all the facts can be presented before the public in a single place and to build a global awareness on the effect of CAA on  the indigenous people of Assam.


Join this forum to raise your voice to protect the Assamese identity. Spread the news, contribute artifacts and volunteer to help with various tasks to grow this forum. Send us an email to learn more how you can contribute


We are not an organization or a group of individual, but a global forum of indigenous people of Assam. This forum is not meant for any commercial use and its content, discussion forum etc. should not be used for commercial activity.

This is strictly not a political or religious forum or a political or religious platform, and we do not endorse any political or religious ideology. We are the forum of indigenous people of Assam in pursuit of a peaceful Assam with her restored glory and ethnic identity.