This is the time for every Assamese across the globe, irrespective of their political ideology, irrespective of their religion to stand up for Assam and her existence. This is a cultural movement to keep our Assamese culture alive. This is a linguistic movement to keep our mother tongue alive. This is an economic movement to enhance the livelihood of Assamese people. This is a social movement to strengthen the thread that ties all of us together. Above all this movement to save us from all those forces that are ripping us apart; a journey to keep our indigenous identity alive.
Remember –

                                                                                                  এটোপ দুটোপ কৰি ডাৱৰৰ পানী পৰি

ভৰি গ’ল বহল সাগৰ,

কণ কণ বালি চাহী ইটে সিটে লগ লাগি

সাজি দিলে ধৰণী ডাঙৰ ।

No action is small, no action is too big. Whether you are playing an active role in Assam, or reciting a poem in Bangalore, Delhi or Mumbai, or performing a cultural program in San Francisco, or performing a bihu dance in London, or lighting a bonti, or opening the pages of Hemkush and teaching an Assamese word or two to your kids; every action towards this cause will bring us a step closer to our vision.

The most important goal right now is to come together as one. Numerically we are small and we are up against huge challenges. We can overcome this only if shed all divisions and become united as a single group of indigenous people of Assam. We are not Kalita, Koch, Boro, Das, Rajbanshi but we are all Assamese. We are not Anwar, Haque, Singh, Roberts or Sharma but we are all Assamese. It is time to think of how the British achieved their goals by divide and conquer – the same is happening in Assam. It is not just the people of Brahmaputra valley who are losing this battle. Eventually all indigenous people of North East India will lose.

The time has come to focus on a single goal, through a single platform and rise as one voice. Let us merge all the different forums into one powerful platform which can give us the strength in numbers. Let us not reduce our energy through multiple channels but try to unite under one communication medium.

One important part of our battle is to spread the right message to the right people at the right time in a clear and cohesive way. The goal of this platform is to inform, educate and unite all Assamese people and above all, send a powerful message to the dark forces trying to weaken and ultimately destroy Assam.