Questions and Answers

1. What is the purpose of this website?

As stated in the mission statement, the goal of this website is to unite all the indigenous people of Assam so that their identity is preserved in the face of unabated illegal immigration into the state.

2. How will you achieve your mission?

This website provides a platform so that all indigenous people of Assam across the globe can come up with ideas for practical solutions and communicate these to the government and legal authorities through democratic means. This website intends to be a forum of action and to unitedly put our support behind achievable goals, raise our voices against conspiracies to weaken the indigenous people of Assam and be the medium to bring out true facts and spread the message across the globe.

3. Is this website affiliated to any political party or organization?

No, this website is not affiliated to any political party or organization. The website is a grassroots movement by the indigenous people of Assam to protect its identity. It is run by volunteers and is not owned by any group or organization.

4. Do you have any commercial goals?

No, there are no commercial goals behind this website. The purpose of this website is to be a forum to force the government of India and Assam to safeguard the interests of the indigenous people of Assam.

5. How does the website function?

The website is run by volunteers who want to take action to protect the identity of the indigenous people of Assam, which is currently under severe threat. Funds to run the website will be collected from donations.

6. How can I contribute?

Bring your energy to the cause by joining as a member, spreading the word amongst the friends of Assam, joining the actionable tasks that we will come up with from time to time, contributing ideas, news, articles, data, volunteering to maintain the website etc.

7. How can I ask questions that I have?

Go to the ‘Contact Us’ page or send us your questions using your email programs to admin@voiceofassam.org.

8. I see some mistakes on this website. How can I get these corrected?

Please contact us with specific details of the mistakes or any issues that you see.